12 September 2011


I think my sister' s Corgi is screwy. If she were human I would see her as a dumb broad putting the same pop tart in the toaster over and over again because she forgot she put it in the first time while thinking she hears angels. Russ constantly walks her like he thinks she has the bladder the size of one of his thick fingers and I swear if she could talk to him she would tell him to; "Take me away from all this."

What is the continual deal with me losing followers? I've made fun of this before and even again, but this is getting ridiculous. I want to get these people by the shoulders and just shake them till one of their shoes come off (ironically 3 of the people who didn't understand why someone would stop following my blog, stopped following my blog).

I was on a forum for people who are Pisces and I can't get over how they're so full of themselves, am I that way? (if you don't answer right I'll shake you till one of your shoes come off). One guy wrote a post titled "Why are Piscean women so beautiful?" and than stops short of saying; "I worship you."

I made fun of the ass by writing a post title called "Why are Piscean men so beautiful?" and wrote this for the rest of the post:

and moody and touchy and sees slights behind every action. They think something really does live under the bed and will mope if they think someone is eating their ketchup packets they've been "saving." They think a headache is a sign from their third eye and they can communicate with colors. Piscean men are beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful men of all the other signs, but that works against them in a Prison setting. Piscean men are intuitive, intuitive to be moody and touchy when they think they aren't being slighted.


  1. Your next post most be about an ugly guy named Pisces, and how he kept getting himself arrested on purpose, but couldn't understand how a name didn't make him beautiful enough.

  2. Good story line. He also goes on a road trip with an insecure cosmotologest for cadavers who's looking for her imaginary Aunt, a runaway soldger who plans to kill himself when they reach their destination, and along the way they pick up a disillusioned waitress. Together they all realize their true destination was inside themselves by the end of the film.

  3. Can they miraculously survive a tornado by hiding in a drainage ditch as they're driving through the bible belt and dealing with serious internal conflicts brought on by their desire to serve their country while wrestling with the hard truth this sometimes means killing innocent people?
    I mean especially for the waitress and the cadaver artist.

  4. I want a serial killer too (little hints in the movie lead you to believe that one of them is the killer when someone always turns up dead at each place they stop at). Throw in a ghost ranch that reveals a secret of each and the quest for the "perfect truck-stop chili" and you have yourself a hit.


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