21 October 2014

Conor Wasson

19 October 2014

Goat Head Soup

I want this thing and watch all the poon just fall on my lap (watch the video). On a forum they say it makes you look like Darth Vader, but it works really well. I think it makes you look more like the monster controlled by the Skrill:

18 October 2014

Drinks and a Movie

What's creepy about this movie is the director Victor Salva admitted to giving blowjobs to the youngest kid, Nathan Winters, starring in this. Salva didn't get work again until someone took a chance with him and asked him to direct the horror movie "Jeepers Creepers" that became a big hit and Salva has been directing films since. If you look at other Salva movies, "Jeepers Creepers 2," you'll notice a lot of young shirtless guys.

The Molester Cocktail

16 October 2014

Spirit Day

My (belated) contribution to Spirit Day for LGBT youth.

15 October 2014

Cutting the Fat... for Francisco

My sister slow cooked a pork shoulder. The meat was stringy when I kept poking it, but the fat looked tender and juicy and crispy on the outside and it looked edible enough to put in a tortilla, shake a little malt vinager on it with some salt. I can say now I know what a wendingo craving is with having a taste of flesh you can't get enough of (wendingos of Indian lore that once they taste human flesh, the crave it more and more to the point they start eating their own fingers).
Next I tried well seasoned steak fat that was so good, it opened a 3rd, grease dripping, eye. I don't know what's with me and this fat fixation to where I'm asking everyone to stop giving the fat to the dogs and give it to me to cook up. Fat is a carrier of taste to the taste buds so maybe that's why I'm staring at the fat in Russ's elbows when he's sleeping. I must have a recessive gene because I learned my aunt Lencha also liked to eat steak fat (she dies of a massive coronary in her lounger chair and they didn't know she was dead for a week so maybe this new taste discovery doesn't bid well for me).

Me the Wendingo.

14 October 2014

13 October 2014

My Favorite Ice Bucket Challanges

I tend not to do trends because I hate people as a rule, but these are just good.

11 October 2014

10 October 2014

Drinks and a Movie

Art not from Frances Bacon

The work of Alfred Kubin.

09 October 2014

Stevie and the Kights

We decided to stay in Palmdale because a mansion here would be the the same amount as a two bedroom in Pasadena or anywhere else, it's all about the living quarters baby. One thing that gets me though is how bigoted Palmdale is. Racist, anti-semetic and homophobic. Keep in mind that this is a city still in the county of Los Angeles yet it's a cowboy town that I still see tumbleweed blowing past me in the parking lot of Target. Palmdale made a name for it'self with having one of the most homophobic representatives that walked the Earth, Pete Knight. Pete was the author of Prop 22 that was before Prop 8 that denied gays marriage in the state of California, Pete had a brother who died of AIDS and blamed the "draw" of homosexuality that killed his brother, he wasn't about to let the gay community forget it. His son David, in an ironic twist of fate, ended up being gay and married his partner in the face of his father, but Pete had another son, Steve, who proudly followed in his daddies footprint with being as anti-gay and having the same political backings as his dad in the city (law enforcement and veterens). The prick is a lackey for the NRA (he even voted against coloring fake guns so the Police can tell the difference between the real ones) and voting against clean water regulation (he voted against free drinking water fountains in schools because he has real issues with water it seems).

01 October 2014

T.V. Time with Tromba

I'm really digging the show "The Strain" (the "Master" vampire looks like a big Herman Munster puppet) and not just because he's in it. "Z Nation" is cheesy enough to be fun and shows "The Walking Dead" takes itself too seriously. Looking forward to the start of "American Horror Freakshow."

30 September 2014

Halloween Porn

28 September 2014

Chef Salad

3 posts on my blog have the most hits than any other. What I wrote on the Amityville Horror, Huell Howser and Anthony Bourdain. I might have to re-think my assholey post on Bourdain.