30 September 2014

Halloween Porn

28 September 2014

Chef Salad

3 posts on my blog have the most hits than any other. What I wrote on the Amityville Horror, Huell Howser and Anthony Bourdain. I might have to re-think my assholey post on Bourdain.

26 September 2014

Drinks and a Movie

"Windows" is the lesbian equivalent to the movie "Cruising." Both are about psycho gays at a time when gays where seen as predators (late 70's, early 80's) in cinema if they were ever seen at all. Both movies were boycotted, but this movie has the distinction of being pulled by it's distributor United Artists.

The drink I pair with this movie (all movies I try to pair with a drink that has some kind of name association to it) is self explanatory.

15 September 2014

I decided on going as a 'slutty' gladiator for Halloween. I'll call myself "Cocksus."


12 September 2014

Monsters Inc.

Is it me? Or is every other show about rednecks... hunting the spooky? The people of America can"t get enough hillbillies looking under bushes for cryptids. They are either looking for moonshine monsters ("Mountain Monsters") boggy monsters (Swamp Monsters"), cold monsters ("Alaska Monster") or hairsuite monsters ("Monster Hunters"). If his name is BoBo, chinga Lou or Cassey and he's chasing something that goes bump in the nite that in reality is a big rat or something that escaped from the circus when it came to town, it's a ratings hit. Make the hillbillies naked (ala the hit shows "Dating Naked" and "Naked and Afraid"), put some type of challange in, either a cook-off challange or something you can send down a runway, top it with someone being haunted, like a waitress in a backwoods greasy spoon when she finds all the salt caps are found unscrewed in the morning and Americans will jack off to it.

07 September 2014

06 September 2014

I have my computer back by the way...
Money will be rolling in a few more months...
I'm looking and acting spiffy...
I still have a big dick...
and Russ loves me more than the day before.

05 September 2014

The Return of the "Mary" Barge.

It was Gore Vidal who said; "The love (homosexuality) that dare not speak it's name (first quoted by Lord Byron Douglas), can't shut up now." Vidal was making a pissy statement (did he make any other kind?) that homosexuality when before it was hidden and secretive, came out if full, blaring, force with Stonewall to blame. It's understandable because gays where just finding their voice, they just couldn't find the volume control when they spoke.

It was the onslaught of AIDS that quieted that voice because you can't speak 6 feet under ground.

In roughly the 90's "The Gay" started to make a comeback with the media playing no small part. Richard Hatch was a contestant on the T.V. reality show "Survivor" and not only was he an openly gay man comfortable in his own skin with showing a lot of skin, he won with beating the heterosexuals at their own game that made the nation take notice. Shows started to pop up (Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, Will and Grace, the cable show "Queer As Folk" (no one remembers that the cable company Showtime had a gay show called "Brothers" in the early 80's that was a first for cable television with the only other television show with a gay character being "Soap" in the 70's). Gays were likable, non-threatening and almost like magical beings who's sassy talk and femmy behavior matched only that of an entertaining black woman who puts it on thick. Gays to most of America were fun and everyone wanted one, they still do *queue the rise of the metrosexual who made it O.K. to be gay without homosexuality* Homos even had a magical touch with everything from selling crap on the QVC channel because a fat housewife in Minnesota will buy a 'slimming' scarf from an "exotic" gay man before buying it from another dull housewife hawking scarves, to runway drag queens people can't seem to get enough of. In other words, straights are dull, gays bring the excitement and maybe safe titillation when you ask us to feel your tits. Now you can't swing a roll of chiffon without hitting a gay character on almost every network and cable show and with beloved gays like Ellen who come into your home everyday and lovable Doogie Houser, gays are losing their "flair" with turning boring wanting families after getting gay married. Gays are not the 'new black' anymore. By the way, a term hated by blacks who always resented gays comparing our struggle to theirs. Let's get this straight, gays were instrumental in the early civil rights movement with the expectation blacks would be there for us when we had our own movement, they weren't. If that wasn't bad enough, they condemned up by throwing rocks at us from their black churches and calling our love a "white man's disease."

Is all of this good or bad? It's neither, it just is. Now all the attention is being directed at the rights of transgenders because gays are old news, out time in the sun is almost over. Even gay bars are closing because we don't need a private space to be left alone in anymore, we're having chicken wings next to you in your sports bar and you don't even care. When the woman who was the voice of "Snow White" in the Disney classic is speaking out for gay marriage and gays are being accepted in churches en masse, it's only a matter of time before we hear the death knell for our gay rent party.

11 August 2014

Sinja the Whore

I didn't eat poison shrooms or suffer a bought of dizzy spells if you were wondering why there have been lack of posts. My computer broke and I've been on a Kindle since, ever try to write on a Kindle? I started this post last Tuesday. I've been working out like mad to the point Russ brought it up with asking if I want to be into body building (a green tea appetite suppressant, hemp based protein, creatine, a shit load of cardio, kettle bell and free weight workouts are doing a fine job). I can't embed so I'm assed out of posting links, videos or images.

27 June 2014

Drinks and a Movie

13 June 2014

Drinks and a Movie

03 June 2014

Kind and Kindle

I haven't been posting lately, sporadically, because this blog is running on fumes. This money deal with Russ's inheritance has been turmoil on my personal life. A cunt called his step-mom has made us call "uncle" and now we just wait for the inheritance that will naturally kick in without the advance deal. We had so many false starts with this, it's dragged us into the ground. What you did to my family through what you did to Russ, I will never forgive. 

27 May 2014

Tea Rex

Remember Simon Rex from porn and MTV fame? The guy has officially lost him mind and you can probably buy a blowjob from him now for a buck 80.

21 May 2014

16 May 2014