03 September 2009

Wontons with toast

I lost another follower. Somehow I managed to pull that off without even posting anything. I took a turn somewhere and they must of fallen out of the passanger seat (I think it was a sharp turn I made in El Cerritos) and she went bumpity bump on the road til she was hit by a Prius carrying pre-teen girls to softball practice. I really should send her a "get well" card. I put her in the apartment hallway and hope she find a new home along with my old CD holder. I have 3 people that took her place.


  1. Meh, you didn't need her anyway. Not when someone as awesome as ME is here!
    Ah, I used to be quite the Kurt fan as an angst-ridden teen. Memories!
    Oliver who???

  2. You joke, but your right, your top notch simi. My heart is breaking for drollgirl, I have a bad habit of having an interest in the lives of my followers. I haven't heard from our mutual friend, I hope he didn't take the step of joining Jesus in the sky.

    Oliver time was taken up doing invisibility experiments.

  3. Aww, you're too kind. >.<
    Oh I know..poor drollskis :( I'm a bit the same- I've never met these people face to face, but their characters come through in their writing, and I can't help being drawn in. At least nobody can accuse us of not having compassion!
    Hmmm, yeah I have been wondering the same thing about the Mr A.G. Hopefully he's alright and just sorting some shit out. Fingers crossed anyhoo.

    heheheheh. That's actually a very versatile knock knock joke; so many different scenarios could be applied there. "Oliver time was spent picking kidney beans out of tinned 3-bean mix" and such.
    I'm actually going to think some up (yes I'm that lame) and tell them to everyone. Prepare to be bombarded with unbelievably hilarious* alternative knock knock ansers very soon!

    * I cannot guarantee that they will not be quite crap

  4. D'oh! I mean Mr. A.N....and i mean "answers" not "ansers" O.o


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