31 March 2009

razed and de-fused

Two of my followers get new followers on their blog every other day, It's like their printing new followers like they would counterfeit 10 dollar bills. Meanwhile I lost a follower somehow. Where I don't know, It's like I opened my purse and a follower fell out with old restaraunt mints and a bunch of other shit and rolled off somewhere. I need to put an electric fence around my blog to keep you all in.

~I'm not above fingering you in the back of my blog to keep the rest of you.


  1. dude. every day i look at how many followers maegan has, and it kills me! she gets a dozen more a day! crimony.

    and don't you worry, i would follow your blog right off a cliff! ;)

  2. I noticed your "eat me" icon just now but thought you were already a "follower" lol.. ..that purse you're talking about is my mom's ...she'd offer you an old mint too.

  3. Aww that's too bad D: !

    Well Sam deleted his blog and he's not using his account anymore. The other one I wouldn't know.

  4. drollgirl,

    I know I never have to worry about you drolldoll.


    What kind of sorcery are you using? ; )


    Nothing lost, I prefered you to Sam.

  5. Shut up, I only have three: You, maegan, and someone else.

  6. And I'm sure that 3rd person is a very nice person indeed (didn't she die about a year a go?).

  7. People are so fickle. I follow you - even though you don't follow me.


    Kidding, really.

  8. I don't follow a few other people who follow me, it's nothing personal. To be honest Gabby, I'm leery of girls who have a gay boy following, it always ends bad with me. Because you brought it up, I will follow you now.

  9. I can start an account just to be your follower if it makes you feel any better?

    BTW I found a blog that suggested that Prince Charming (or more like the actor) wouldn't mind previously mentioned sodomising in any way, but it was kinda naughty so I won't link to it and I doubt I would be able to find it again anyways. But I found it all very amusing and ironic!

  10. If you don't have a blog, don't start one on my account. Just keep me company if you want.

  11. Half of the guys in the Main Street Parade look like they chug c*ck, so "Princess Charming" is no surprise.

  12. That he did wasn't the suprise, it was more how he did!


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