12 January 2010

What do I have in common with?

Leonardo DiCaprio
Giovanni Ribisi
Hugh Hefner
Michael Cera
Zac Efron
Paul Rudd
Willem Dafoe
Paul Walker
Christian Bale
Guy Ritchie
James Dean
Jeremy Sisto
Frank Sinatra
Daniel Craig
Ewan McGregor
Hugh Jackman
Dominic Monoghan
Robert Pattinson
Jeremy Northam
Sid Vicious
Clive Owen
Keith Urban
Wentworth Miller
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Iggy Pop?


  1. aaaaand....I'll give you a hint, we all have the same KIND of dick.

  2. ...and no, we don't all lean to the left or size.

  3. I don't know what you all have in common, but if you drop Hugh Hefner, Iggy Pop, and well, all the dead guys from the list, that is definitely an orgy I would like to attend!

  4. Since there's a lot of non-americans on that list I'm guessing...foreskin?

  5. *hoots and whistles* You got it my beautiful Swede!

  6. You know, I almost guessed "hoody" -- but I kinda got distracted. Happens all the time. (I mean, c'mon...who wouldn't get distracted when Ewan, Dominic, and Wentworth are all on the same list????)

  7. Common mistake Bungy. I had a Slurpee-like brain freeze when I came to Paul Walker and Christian Bale.


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