11 January 2010

Phatty not Fatty

3 great things in life are sex, booze, and food. Since I have to first two pretty much down, I like to go to others for the eating. Foodies can be real snobby twats from my past experiences with them, I just don't need to be given shit because I don't know the difference between broasted or roasted and don't know what "baby" lasagna is (I didn't know lasagna came in family units; "I'll have the "meaty big brother lasagna always fixing his Vintage TR3 without a shirt" please"). I was lucky to find Dylan's blog, a picturey food blog without the attitude who doesn't cry when I post something irreverent on his blog, it's a coincidence he's a local boy.



  1. I just spent a good hour reading his blog...all because of you, mister.

  2. Totally agree... I hate food snobs.. there's no right and wrong when it comes to food!

  3. Gabby,

    I'm such a giver.


    I feel the same way about grammar.

  4. Oh yes, food snobs. They all hang out with University Art lecturers and film buffs.It's very refreshing to see a "foodie" who is not an elitist wanker. Cooking can be very creative, but I've never understood why so many need to make it pretentious as well!
    Will def be perusing this blog.

  5. BABY LASAGNA?!?!? jesus. i am so clueless. just when i get accustomed to baby spinach, they change things up.

    must ck out this man's blog! somehow i think it will make me hongry and sabotage my diet!

  6. I still don't know what broasted is. I could google it up, but you know what, that'd just be dignifying things best left undignified.

    Let's just all say it's a form of roasting that is more immature and insincere in a masculine, faux-friendly way. Broasting.

  7. AS,

    Food is the last thing anyone should be pretentius about, and condoms.


    Tiny food is like the greatest thing to ever exist, but lasagna you have to put together, it's called a big piece or a little piece.


    I broast with my bromance, I broast all over the place. Now I want chicken.

  8. aHH...
    That dude has a picture of a Hello Kitty Airplane??

    And he's terrified about it. I think I'd be terrified too, and then I'd start speaking spanish so everyone thinks that I'm a terrorist.


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