04 May 2009

few left

Since I'm deleting my vox account, I'm looking it over so I don't delete anything important. Here are a few more vox QotD's I found:

Q. What do you tend to obsess over?

My girdle straps and the hair pins holding feathered hats to my head. They all fly off when I step in a rain puddle.

Q. Show us a picture of your all time favorite President.

Larry E. Rogers.

I once submitted my own question to vox for it's QotD: "Are you sore and red after?"
It was never printed.

Q. If you were running for president, what would your motto be?

"Bring on the pork barrel spending because I'm not kosher!"

Q. Who inspires you to be the person you are today?

Jit "Gravy" McGreet. Scat singer and expert lock picker.

Q. July is national ice cream month! What's your favorite flavor?

Shoe Polish Ripple.

Q. What makes a "good" pet?

A Shih Tzu that gives shiatsu and pees Merlot.

Q. What parenting tip do you swear by?

Spare the rod and kick the shit out of the child for drinking my last Bud lite.

Q. Is there anything about the "corporate culture" at your place of employment you wish were different?

More "Generating deliverables from individual male contributors on oral POC (point of contact) in the janitor's hallway closet.

Q. What role did you play in your school play?

Tammy Titops - Hooker #3

Q. What happened the first time you were left home alone as a child?

Mommy ran off with sailor "Bob" and left me a 1/2 ceasar salad and a bowl of strawberry punch to last me for a week.

Q. What do you bring most to a friendship?

Use of my gravy boat and tongue baths.

Q. What are your Sunday rituals?

My neighbors enjoy my interpretive dance of a Sunday morning sunrise. The blood sacrifices in the front yard not so much.

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