04 May 2009

Please stop

I just saw "Can't Stop The Music" starring the Village People. My jaw dropped open, and not in a good way, till the closing credits. If I wasn't sucking dick before this movie, I would have been sucking someone's cock by it's end. I've never had so much gay innuendo and man ass in one sitting (excluding one groom's bachelor party).
I almost fell over with the "Milk" commercial scene, and Steve Guttenberg taking off Bruce Jenner's pants on his knees is worth the price of admission alone. Now I know what homosexuality would look like if it exploded. What a fey extravaganza. I had to watch a Charlton Heston movie just to balance me out.
GOD that was gay!


  1. yay for gay gay GAY!!! might as well go balls out! pardon the expression!

    and hope you are feeling ok today after your vodka extravaganza. i overdid it and feel like cacadoodypoopy today. i can't drink much and should have known better. oh well.

  2. We started drinking at 2pm at the "BeachComber" restaraunt in Malibu (throw in a few cat calls to hot surfers, me telling Russ I hated his mom, and walking along the beach), drank at home til we passed out around 7pm, I woke up at 1am, had two big glasses of ice tea with 8 aspirin and the rest of my swordfish tacos from the restaraunt, went back to sleep, didn't wake up til 10am, had 8 more aspirin, went to Del Taco, had jalapeno rings, a tub size lemonade and Russ had two macho combo burritos. Lets hear it for getting fucked up and the shitty way we feel the next day! You only live once baby.


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