30 April 2009

The Vox and the Beautiful

I already posted about my vox blog here and here.

Vox had groups for it's voxers to join; "Gay Vox," "Los Angeles Voxers," "Japanese Vox Girls with Tiny Hands," etc. One group I found was called "The Beautiful People," It was started by a Curt Cobain look-alike and it was for people who are, well, beautiful. I joined thinking these people were half joking, but I realised the guy who started it was serious and he didn't appreciate the poem I posted in the group:

"OH Beauty OH B-e-a-u-t-y

I will but get you a cold coke out of the warm (because it's broken) Hatefulleth refrigerator called life if you but asketh me (if you could talk)

I would bone you if I didn't own you

Can you hear the pelicans?

Can you hear the pelicans?"

Fin @

If you think THAT was bad you should read my intro into the group that made them hate me:

I just arrived and would like to introduce my beauty to everyone else's beauty ::Applause:: ::Applause:: Since I am of same gender lovin, I already have a head start on living style, fashioniestasis, and looking like you should just stare at me instead of talking to me ::Applause:: ::Applause:: Why is my beauty so good to me? I don't know, just accept what you cannot change and hope others change what you cannot accept ::Standing Applause:: ...and....bow.

I left the group before the beautiful people kicked my beautiful ass out.

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  1. bahahha! oh the nerve of you. i bet they were all up in arms over your comments.

    and your comment on crank was pretty spot on. how did you know? but that was a long, long time ago in nor. call when everybody was doing it. ahhahahahahahhahahaha


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