30 April 2009

Ompa the Band

Miss California Carrie Prejean is going to Sacramento to do commercial ads against gay marriage. She took an extra step to tell me the love I have for a man of several years is not on equal par with what she has with her several boyfriends. I was angry because not only is she representing my state at an important crux of time with what will be decided on Prop 8, but also because I knew a Miss Burbank who never made it to represent California in a statewide competition who is a better person. I see a girl, not a woman, who is demanding I am seen as a "separate but equal" because of what was instilled in her as a child by bad parents,and it really is bad parenting. I've looked up her pre-interviews to the Miss California contest, and she really is an dullard.

There was a Swedish Actress named Zarah Leander who was the darling of the Nazi run UFA Studios (once you saw past the Nazi connection, she was a great actress, one of the most beautiful actresses on either shores), she, like Prejean, was used by powerful political Representatives to be the face (the pretty face) of an ideal of intolerance with a people who would, or will, never bring a harm to you or any one you love.

I'll wait to see how this plays out.


  1. It is interesting that a beauty pageant contestant gets to serve as the carrier/mouth peice of propaganda and people are listening. Denial and bigotry are powerful and have an obnoxious social odor

  2. it's so unbelievable. ...I just really must be naive to have thought people like Miss C. didn't exist ...well at least not here anyway ... i don't get it.

  3. Prejean went from having a personal oppinion, to, like WR said, serving as the carrier/mouth piece of propaganda. Like Leander, she will bask in the acceptance of a hate group (in her case anti-gay Christians), but, like Leander, she will pay a heavy price for it later, and, can I, use more commas?

  4. I don't know which was worse her response or Miss South Carolina for the Miss Teen USA pagaent where she answered that question about maps and geography. I think if anything Ms. California needs to stay out of the sun and stop drinking all the coppertone cause they are definitely affecting her thoughts.
    Bill Mahr put it beautifully "So apparently someone who looks like a transvestite has a thing against gay marriage?"

  5. Anonymous,

    She needs that coppertone to keep on moving, like the tinman needed oil.


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