27 May 2012

pictures of it

I'm not putting ASSHOLE BOYFRIEND as a blog header. It's not like I see this place as a private sheshe club that doesn't have a sign outside the door to discourage any shleb from finding it, it's because I've so fucked-up my blogger template to the point I don't know where to go to do it. I've snipped and tweaked this place beyond recognition. Strangers will find this place thinking; "It's... jalapenos... ?..." and wonder why all my lovers are calling me an asshole when I'm obviously a *great guy.

*they'll interchange GREAT with DASHING and COQUETTISH.


  1. LOL
    I cant figure out how to change mine anymore either

  2. I've plastered lenthy codes on my template on to say later "What did it do and why does it look the same???"


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