26 May 2012


How I met my two favorite bloggers.

'Los Angeles' as an interest in my blog profile = Maegan = drollgirl = Trixie

= Militant Queer


  1. I still haven't forgiven you for renigging on our deal.
    Your soul in exchange for a psychic pagan cow head who can tell you the future.
    I should have known you didn't have a soul in the first place.
    I mean, you are Hispanic.

  2. I wonder what ol' cowhead is doing, last I heard he was on Finland's version "America's Got Talent" performing what he calls "somersaults."

    In place of a soul I was bestowed a big chorizo and all the fruit-based salsa I want, I think it was a fair trade.

    1. Hmm, fruit and a big cho-reet-so but no soul?
      And you wonder why I'm attracted to the darker races.

  3. awwwwww, you are one of my favorites too!! Wait I count four but thats ok, I know you are talking about me still.

  4. MQ,

    ...and I'm sure your thick doughy white thighs make them love you too.


    I'm not sure, did you follow Maegan's blog? I miss drollgirl, but I figured if she missed me half as much she'd drop bye more with at least some Avon samples.

  5. No, I dont remember Maegan.


I eat your comments with jam and butter.