06 May 2012

Chris Evans is Foxy

Everytime I'm forced to sign in at a front desk (hotels, businesses, etc) and I'm not the one being seen, I just happen to be with the person who is, but I'm still being forced to sign in, I always sign in with the name "Jenna Reese" (Jenna after the porn Icon Jenna Jameson and Reese after my best friend in elementary school).

What you'll see on my profile on my Google+ account:
Introduction: I'm not Cuban and I didn't give birth.
Employment: Burt Reynolds' Poontopia and Fish Fry.
Occupation: Senior Exotic Entertainer.
to Present-
Education: Ruby Hebnas School for Wayward Girls.
Places Lived: Uptown you turkey!
Other Names (?): Tran Tran, Sophie Gibbons, أبو الفضل

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