20 February 2011

The silky side of satin

I volunteered at an AIDS hospice right out of high school. I asked the director if he could put me with working directly with the patients and not answer phones, so what does he do? I'm in the office answering phones with a young mother who I always saw knitting, but nothing was ever made, a man who was a true Southern Belle (I say true because he did drag as a Southern Belle in Silverlake bars), an office manager who was never there, but I took every one's advice that he existed (he had a Colt calender over his computer monitor and a Colt man with a hard on as a screensaver that would make everyone stop talking when it would start to move across the screen), and me, who kept on hanging up on people because I didn't know how to "transfer" a call. The office looked like it was dropped in the middle of a fairy garden and I swear I saw a blue bird of happiness outside my window.

I also volunteered at a senior citizen center serving food. They kept on asking me why I was there and I would tell them I was there for the food, I would also tell them; " I think this place is haunted" so they'd keep looking under the table.

Next I volunteered in the oncology floor of a hospital. That was really fulfilling and I was the first volunteer to leave the nurses station and introduce myself to the patients asking them if they needed anything (pillows). I took this one young guy who was my age outside because he wanted a smoke (who was dying from AIDS complications) and we just sat and talked, it was one of the most personal moments I ever had in my life, that, and the girl dying while looking at me and saying; "you must be an Angel" when I was giving her water to drink with a straw. When I left her room I went into the pillow room and broke down crying.

Sometimes I wonder how I come across on my blog. I've gotten flack from Russ over the contents of my blog (I wrote in a comment; "who doesn't like a bed of dicks?" and he's STILL hasn't forgotten it), ixnay on the telling him I'm going to kill his mother with poison otay?, and he says I sometimes come off as mean spirited, but I'm not going to present myself than other what I am, neither should you.


  1. I know you're a beautiful person even though your blog is bitchy


    This one made me cry

  2. I come off as bitchy? I've been called harsh, even thorny. my favorite was when they compared me to a Tabasco cheesecake, delicious, but I'll burn you. ; )

  3. I don't think you are mean. Maybe odd... or funny in an off kind of way :)

  4. Odd and bitchy, wow, this gets better and better. lol

  5. Id say you are salty and just a little bit tangy with a dash of unintentional cunty-ness I find delightful. Cant imagine why youd be worried what a bunch of faceless strangers think anyway. Russ is without a face right?

  6. You come across as straight (not that way) and truthful and a little tough on the outside, but very soft and gentle and kind on the inside. My favorite kind of guy.

  7. I was being a lazy adjectiver. No offense intended. Plus i called you beautiful

  8. WH,

    You've always had my number.


    I was being overly sensitive, I'm a Pisces.


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