27 January 2011

I'm a people person


I want to know where her blog profile pic was taken, it had to be some kind of studio owned by an aunt who's probably a slumlord with her other buildings. Sara had to have stuck her kid in day care for the day or maybe the kid is on the side of the camera chewing through electrical cords while mom is getting her profile pic taken. The kid was suppose to be watched by Sara's sister "Ruthie," but Ruthie had a hankering for onion rings and left the kid for only a minute because we all know "Ruthie needs her onion ring fix." Ruthie thinks she's a connoisseur when it comes to onion rings and always says the onion rings at Dumont Burger on Bedford Avenue are "So Heavenly, she don't need a man." Who ever took Sara's picture told her; "Bend at the knees so it looks like you're about to jump on a pony and you look even shorter," "O.K now look like you're throwing dice." She really took to heart the advice that layering clothing and black is slimming, or she's one of those people who are always saying they're freezing and "will someone please close the window?!"
I'm glad I'm not a smoker, because then she'd REALLY think I was a big asshole.

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