11 July 2010

fap fap fap fap

I wonder if I can start a phony tea leaf reading business. I need to invest in one of these, light a few candles, some cheapo crystals around the table, how hard can it be? I think all romantic comedies starring Diane Keaton or spontaneous musical numbers should be shot in the head. I thought posting a pic of me you can somewhat make out of myself was going to bring in comments like "You're beautiful inside AND out, you really are the whole package, witty, smart, funny, I hate how I look after seeing you," or "You look sophisticated, killer smile, and I hate how I look after seeing you" but instead I get "I thought you were Asian" and "Who's the blonde girl next to you who looks like she fell out of the 80's?" I love these fireside chats with you readers.


  1. WHAT!?
    I said I thought you were the reanimated corpse of Cobain!
    Not even a mention.
    Also I hate the way I look now that I've seen you.

  2. Cobain is a compliment? I look classy, Cobain looks like he smells like Chili con Carne.
    Every morning look in the mirror and say; "I'm not as good, but I could look worse." It's called a daily affirmation.

  3. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!
    Chilli con carne is soooooo goood.
    Cobain . . . Not so much.


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