07 July 2010

Always Wondered

To Go tip


  1. I hate the idea of tipping.
    It is the absolute stupidest idea ever invented by anyone.
    Wait staff ought to simply be paid more and the cost passed on to consumers so theres never a question of whether or not a person is getting paid enough.

    As for menudo my hubby eats that stuff and I will not go near him for the next three days until he's done sweating out the funk it creates inside the human body.

    He comes from a wealthy family too so I really don't understand why he eats such ethnic trash when he could be consuming the much snootier Taco Bell type fare.

  2. Waiters get paid shit and are treated like shit by people who get off on abusing someone they see as less than deserving of simple respect. I was a waiter and I can tell you people treat food workers like they would treat no other group. The "customer is always right" is also a bunch of shit, this gives customers an excuse to be difficult and cruel.

    Menudo is just tripe happiness in a bowl.


I eat your comments with jam and butter.