07 October 2009

Style on a budget

I know some of you are interested in my fashion sense, What exactly do I wear in my hectic day and still be the fashion maven that I am? You say. Well, stop holding your breath gals!

Blue is my fifth favorite color so why not start off the morning makin' hubby and the kids a hearty breakfast in this little pink number before you start your day? It sure does beat a frumpy housecoat and hubby sure will appreciate it (It might make hubby "hot-to-trot" if you know what I mean; "Don't be late for work darlin!" tee hee).

When I doddle around in the day golfing, shopping for fresh produce at the farmers market, picking up the kids from soccer practice and the such, you can't go wrong with simple plaid.

At night my wild side comes out and I like to be glamorous, but edgy, by evening I'm hallucinating people are following me and I can't make a complete sentence, but that doesn't stop me from going out in one of these HOT Rusky fashion statements.

So there you have it kids. Now remember, it doesn't have to cost alot to look alot, it just takes working with what you have and knowing where DUI check points are is an accessory that goes with everything.


  1. glug glug. i could use a little nip right now.

    and if you REALLY don't know what a flat voice is, just listen to lou reed. almost any song will do. it is almost the equivalent of singing in a monotone voice.

  2. I still don't get it. Anthony kiedis can really belt it out and he's a flat voice? Lou Reed sounds like he gargles with Drano and napkins, is he a flat voice because he talks through a song with his same speaking voice? You and your NASA-like hard questions drolldoll.


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