08 October 2009

L.A. Lore # 6

The salad dressing at a hip little pizzeria called "Caioti Cafe" in Studio City is suppose to induce labor. I worked as a waiter at Caioti a few years ago and I never saw one pregnant woman come in. It's not to say they didn't, it's just they must have sent a memo through the mommy-vine not to come in when I was slinging "pressed" chicken. I met Ed LaDou once when he disagreed with me when I said I was better looking than all his other waiters, he never liked me after that even though I was kidding (I wasn't kidding). He was the inventor of the BQQ chicken pizza and not Wolfgang Puck who takes credit for it. I think Ed died.

You can order the dressing here.

My favorite pizza was the Rockefeller, the big seller was the Rustica, get one of the cool novelty sodas, tell dead Ed I said hi.


  1. What the heck could be in salad dressing that would induce labor?? Love it.


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