21 October 2009


I got a 3rd award. Now I have to move my awards on the shelf where my matryoshka dolls use to be because I don't have room. What can I say about this honor? No, really, what do I say? Everything I have said I have said before, repeatedly. Thank you Cogent Ascending.

Now, I'm suppose to answer more questions about myself, 35 to be exact, and since I hate boring answers and I don't want to be here all day, I'll just answer the ones that I want.

1. Where is your cell phone? Lost in the backseat cushions of a cab driven by an Armenian en route to Glendale, CA.
2. Your hair? link

3. Your mother? Watching Mexican soap operas.

5. Your favorite food? Tapas
7. Your favorite drink? Agua de Jamaica .
11. Your fear? Crumbs in my bed.
16. Wish list item? link

Your pets? dead.
22. Friends? almost dead.
23. Your life? Always expecting excitement, always getting the mundane.
29. Your favorite color? dark green.


  1. did you take the photo AFTER you rubbed one out? i dont see any stains

  2. About 10 minutes after, I don't cum where I wear.

  3. WOW! That's Huge! Wait a minute... that's your leg!! Oops!!!!

    Congrats on your award ;)

  4. Thanks,

    Know I don't know what to do with myself.

    I want to keep this blog a loose rated R, no full on dick shots here.

  5. Great answers... my bf won't buy me a kitten since my answer on #21 is the same and it was partly my fault! oopsie, saying that this was 10+yrs ago

  6. I once left a pet guinea pig of my niece's girl friend out in the sun, I didn't know it would be baked alive. I lied and told her it died a "mysterious" death, maybe a heart attack.


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