16 September 2009

real fake leather

When I complain about my blog feed not being updated I'm going to ask Blogger if they'll put in some shag carpeting to make my blog look more cushiony, maybe some canary yellow throw rugs, some faux marble wall beams for my blog header so the first thing you'll think when my blog pops up is; "Oh shit! Did I just wonder onto someone's Estate?" I want my blog to smell like enchiladas and fresh cut grass.


  1. I like the sound of those refurbishments. Sounds comfy. Mmmmmm...enchiladas......
    Ah, so it's not just me not getting your feeds. Hopefully blogger can get that fixed up. There are a few blogs i follow that don't show updated feeds, but they're wordpress, not blogger. Very mysterious indeed...

  2. I also want a "Champagne Room" and a train dining car (I expect to go halves with the dining car).

    The word feeds suck, but I'm really pissed about the people writing me and saying that have been trying to follow my blog for the last few days and they can't, I'm a follower junky, and Blogger is fucking up my fix.

  3. i want furry dices and patchouli smell in your blog.

  4. The dice and patchouli smell are in my Chevy Impala "El Cochon."


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