17 September 2009

Cursing in Japan

A kimono, successively owned by three teenage girls, each of whom died before she had a chance to wear it, was to believed to be so unlucky that it was cremated by a Japanese priest in 1657. As the garment was being burned, a violent wind sprang up, fanning the flames and spreading them beyond control. The ensuing fire destroyed three-quarters of Tokyo, leveling 300 temples, 500 palaces, 9,000 shops, 61 bridges, and killing 100,000 people.

(Noel Nouet, Histoire de Tokyo)


  1. have you heard about fan death?

    Basically, that's a korean belief that says that if you fall asleep in a closed room with a fan turned on you'll die because the fan absorbs your soul.

  2. Never heard of it, just about the a picture taken of you steals your soul. Have any more?

  3. Why do I sound so stupid in the above post? I'm not even drinking. Do all my comments sound so stupid and non-sensical?


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