14 September 2009


QueerListing took so long listing my site I said they're notorious for hating BQQ's and Koreans, sometimes separate, but mostly together. Next thing I know they disable my profile saying something about spam abuse, I don't even know what that is. Are they saying I'm giving out spam (ever have a sushi spam roll? delicious)? If that is what they are saying, they are big fibbers who are getting back at me for saying they hate a certain segment of the Asian population who love to put circles in their words. I would take my site off the service, but even bad traffic is good traffic.

I'm also getting alot of complaints that my RSS feed is not updating and my blog can't be followed. Tell me if you've tried to use the blog 'follower' feature on me and if it isn't working so I can bitch to Blogger about that too.

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