13 September 2009


Our balcony is almost flushed with the balcony of the apartment across from us, it's so close I could play quarters off of it. Some creepy guy lives there with his tiny Asian boyfriend who looks 12, they remind me of the creepy guy with his Asian boyfriend throwing fire crackers in the movie "Boogie Nights" everytime I see them peering out from the plants they have all over their balcony. Now they're collecting these cherub angel statues they're putting all over the place. I have a BB gun I'm tempted to use to shoot off the tips of the angel wings, but I'm afraid they'll call the cops on me (they called the cops on us before when they thought they witnessed a murder in our living room, don't ask). What's wierd is they have the angels facing us, like they want to ward off evil or something. I'm almost tempted to start buying little gobblin and gargoyle statues to put on our balcony facing them back.

It's not the coke, the audio has been disabled.


  1. um, i LOVE the shooting plan, but the gargoyle one might even be more fun. DO IT. for reals. and i'd love to see pictures of evil and good squaring off on those balconies. :)

  2. I'll see what I can pull off.

    Hey, is Maegan mad at me again? And a former vox follower of mine has bloggy blog who's music you would dig, check her out drolldoll, she likes all that scratching and wailing music too.

  3. Gargoyles, gargoyles, gargoyles!! Pleeeeeease!!!

  4. The guy is a real pussy, I'd feel like I'm picking on him.

  5. there's a guy in my History class (asian) who looks 12 and likes to hit on tall white girls, and old teachers (man and women)... C-R-E-E-P-Y.

    Statues are scary shit. My mom works at some store and her boss is a bitch, so with this financial crisis (0r whatever you want to call it) sales went down. So the bitch boss put this 5 feet tall frog statue (to "attract" more money) at the entrance holding a wooden "WELCOME" banner. It's like entering the haunted house at the local fair, but not really.

  6. Chan Chus are all over Chinatown, tell your mom's boss they are suppose to be turned facing the store at night.

  7. hey! i left a comment here yesterday, and IT"S NOT HERE! wtf? this shit always happens- especially when i write something really funny . Grrrrrr.
    Do the gargoyle thing.
    Do it!


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