17 June 2009

spacious, more carpeting

Talk about roomy. I hacked into my blogger Html to give my images more space (same way I got rid of that blogger nav bar and put pop-up comments on the side) and now I have all this empty space. You can fill it with cherries, olives, emergency money (I promise I won't touch it), those fancy corn cob holders you've been saving, instead of using a shoebox, use my blog for your creepy diorama, I have plenty of room. I can almost hear an echo like when you first move in an apartment or house and you have that weird hollow echo until you start moving your shit in. My words are the same size, but now I look like I wrote twice as much, how did they pull off THAT optical illusion? Just pretend all the empty grey space is dirty water and try to go fishing for trout.

1 comment:

  1. Weird, because i just now needed some corn cob holders! And by the way, that's what you get for hacking, now I have to scroll all the way down to see your muy interesante tags


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