17 June 2009

flexing what I know

The first nursing system set up in the US was set up by a lady lover (Lillian D. Wald).

The epidemic of Samurai killing each other so as to win the affections of the young men playing women in Kabuki plays in ancient Japan prompted the Tokugawa government to ban Grand Kabuki. Imperial China called homosexuality “passion of the cut sleeve.”

One of the greatest art forgers (Elmyr de Hory), Clyde Barrows (Bonnie and Clyde), and a leader of the Dutch Resistance in WW2 (Willem Arondeus) did the same sex tango.

The Opera “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and Tchaikovsky’s Sixth Symphony, were written by homo men, for homo men.

Lorraine Hansberry who wrote "A Raisin In The Sun," King James who commissioned the writing of the "King James Bible" and our 15th President James Buchanon we can call our own.

Giovanni Casanova, Janis Joplin and Winston Churchill said they had same-sex sex. Alfred Hitchcock said he would have if he didn't meet his wife first. Gary Cooper was bi, so was Jack Kerouac.

We can claim several Popes, at least one Queen (Christina. Possibly Hatshepsut and Queen Modjadji) and King Kamehameha had man lovers (Aikane). We have Pulitzer Prize winners coming out of our asses.


  1. I loved this list.
    Where did you find these facts?
    Are they facts?

  2. I'm a student of gay history and not just a pretty face. All can be verified by personal admittance, friends and family, personal correspondences and the historical record.

  3. this is amazing


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