22 June 2009

Brandy and the Boys

Rick James in his song "Super Freak" says his freak likes the boys in the band. In the 70's the "Boys in the Band" was the name of a famous play about a group of self-hating gay men and the ugliness that comes out at a Birthday party. The song was the first ode to the "fag hag," a straight girl who has most of her friendships with gay men who are almost always effeminate. She seeks them out, has a disproportionate amount of them, or is dedicated to just one like her life depended on it. These girls either feel they can't be themselves around straight men, are threatened by straight men or just find straight men as uninteresting as a branch. Nothing wrong with gay friendships, but fag hags take it to a new, sickly, level. The thing is my homosexuality shouldn't be the selling point, my being a fag should be like a side dish, the brownie in the T.V. dinner, not the chicken leg main course. If I think you see me that way, I'll float off on the fairy wings you think I have. Fag hags don't see the gay men they befriend as on the same par as our straight counterparts. We are diet Pepsi to a straight boys Coke, they are the "serious stuff," we are the ball of string they play with, gay cattiness that puts a smile on their face. The same respect just isn't there, but gay boys don't want to see it. It's not like I want to knock these kinds of symbiotic relationships, it's just that I have no regard for them. And the boys on the other side of these relationships? I'll get back to them later.


  1. Hmmmmm...this is an interesting point. I don't think I've ever really known a proper fag-hag. I've never really thought about it like this; as you say, homosexuality shouldn't be the defining aspect of a person, and certainly not the sole reason to befriend (or avoid befriending) one.
    haha, you certainly don't have fairy wings! If there are any wings at all, I'd say yours are big bat wings of doom, with claws on the ends. A very handy thing to have.

  2. P.s. Your feeds don't come through on my blogroll :( All it says is "ASSHOLE BOYFRIEND- 5 days ago" Thine internet machine mocketh me so! That didn't make sense. I can't speak shakespearian very well. But yeah, I visit your blog and there are about 20 new posts!
    Me read nowz.

  3. My tiny claws are good for getting pickles out of jars but they keep on cutting the strings of my hammock.


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