13 June 2009

A B Awards

Some of my female followers are really big on giving each other blog awards. I didn't even know they existed until my follower Maegan from "Love Maegan" talked about them on her blog and drollgirl on hers. I bitched about not getting one until Maegan gave me an award, of which I am eternally grateful because she is a sweet hottie calling me a hottie (I'm not expecting a "Sweet and Sassy" or "You Brighten My Day' award from anyone anytime soon). So I want to give my own award, a patch (like the Boy Scouts). Now I don't want to give this award to anyone specifically because I don't want people saying "Why the fuck is he giving ME it??...He doesn't expect me to put it on my blog does he?!..." So I leave it here for anyone of my followers to take, only my followers. I know no one will, but I still want to get into all this award action.
The rule is you put it on your blog and say it's from me with a link and watch all the vag/peni/free drinks start rolling in.

I ripped off the patch from the net, don't think I go around stitching these things.


  1. omg I fucking love this. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Means the world, AB.

  2. BAHAHAH!!! this is pretty much the best badge/award ever. i need a bag full so that i can hand them out on the street.

  3. E M,

    I'd love you more if you put it on your blog with your other blog awards. ; ) just sayin...


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