05 April 2009

Maegan Award

I got my Maegan award and I am moved. I would give an acceptance speech, but already did when I stole drollgirl's awards and sold them for New Jack Swing. I would have thanked my agent Morty Goldblatt again, but he ran away with my money a month ago and was last seen downing whiskey sours at a Hilton Hotel bar in the Philippines.

I Thank You Maegan for this much anticipated award.

(I know the rules say I'm suppose to give this award to other people, but if anyone, I repeat ANYONE, comes near my award, i'll cut your fingers off with wire cutters)


  1. ..lol. ..it is much deserved! {I was looking for your original post {where I snubbed you ;)} to link it to but I couldn't find it. send me the link! ...so bossy ..lol.}

  2. congratulations, you big gigantic STAR! you deserve it!

  3. Here you go:


  4. drollgirl,

    It vindicates my believing I'm better than everyone else.


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