25 May 2009

Why I don't vote

When I tell people I don't vote, I get this look like I'm going Up a Down escalator. The herd mentality is so strong on the topic, I usually keep my mouth shut just so I don't hear the harping about it. Angry? Yeah, you could say so.

Several years ago the state of California, my state, was given a proposition to vote on called 22. It said the sanctity of marriage should be kept from homosexuals because they were not heterosexuals. A basic human right given to only a man and woman who desired others with opposite sex organs from themselves, should not be extended to anyone else. The voice of the people of California spoke and it agreed that I was not as deserving of that right as those who desired the opposite sex. I was a "less than" in the eyes of the people and they had no problem in telling me to go "fuck myself" in so many words.

Now how John Doe down the street from me, who's banging the baby sitter, neglecting his kids, and beating his wife because she didn't turn the T.V. channel fast enough, was given the moral power to decide, became the arbiter, on if I should have marriage or not, perplexed me. Last I heard, we did not have tiers of citizenship in this country. You have no right to vote on if I can have rights. I was BORN with inalienable rights just like you. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution said so by the simple fact I am an American. Whether you personally agree or not, you just have no say. That's how it's SUPPOSE to work, but my "Pursuit of Happiness and Freedom," guaranteed me, was instead put to an illegal vote to a majority. Somehow along the way the government's existing to protect the freedom of ALL of it's citizens turned, and now it's about voting on whom to give rights too. That's un-Constitutional, cut and dry and my homosexuality is a non-factor with marriage, a basic right of pursuit for my happiness. NO majority has the right to vote on the Constitutional rights of others. That simply should not be put to a vote. The founding fathers did everything they were suppose to do in writting down that a majority cannot dictate Constitutional freedoms for other Americans in a minority. We are cutting to the very heart of what this country stands, for what our founding fathers fought and died for. I'm sure they thought they made that clear in the Bill of Rights, they were wrong.

So now you know why I don't vote and why I see it as ridiculous when you ask me to vote on a new aqua duct. As for those who voted for prop 22 and prop 8, you can stick your vote up your ass and I mean that as a nice Christian boy. I don't need to be insulted with your "I Can't Believe It's Not Marriage" civil unions. See how well that goes over with the African-American population if you think the idea is so great.

So stick your vote up your ass, I refuse to play.

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