26 May 2009

8 upheld

I'm beyond disgusted. Russ and I didn't get married because I didn't know we had a deadline to meet. This is what I wrote on my vox blog when prop 8 passed, and it's the same sentiment I feel now:

I felt sick in my stomach when I saw I was now again a second class citizen. I could blame the Mormons and the out of state contributors with the ridiculous amount of money they poured into this CA campaign, I could blame the ads that were outright lies in saying this proposition would somehow involve children and churches, but it really comes down to just one thing; I am not, or deserve to be, in the eyes of a majority worthy of marriage. The kind people of California want to tell me, in a very personal way, heterosexual marriage is a privilege reserved only for them. As for it being the "Will of the People" or "Democracy," If interracial marriage was put to a majority vote in the 1950's, what do you think would have been the outcome? You have no right as a heterosexual citizen to say on whether I have rights as a homosexual citizen, you don't "trump" me with rights just because you were born straight in this country any more than If you were born white. I can't tell you how disgusted I am with those who voted for 8, you picked an "institution" over living, breathing, human beings. I would have wanted you to kick me in the gut instead of what you did to me with this proposition, it would have been less painful.


  1. ...Wow.
    Honestly,it must've felt horrible.
    You're right, its not fair at all; Even if we like our same sex, that doesn't takes away any of the biological and moral characteristics that makes us human. Love is love. Period. You do not choose who you fall for, it happens and there's nothing to it.

  2. It's so fucked up. People are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands. You get awarded in the military for killing a man, but you get kicked out for being attracted to one. This world makes no sense.


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