23 February 2009

Straight Boy Twats

I know straight guys read my blog because I post on your blogs about the same interests and you check mine out out of curiosity if nothing else. You guys never comment back, never bother posting on my stuff, even deleting my non-sexual comments (I don't DO sexual comments in other peoples pads) when I'm the only one commenting on your shit, why? Afraid someone is going to see you say something to a fag? Wonder what Aunt Jo is going to think back on the farm when she sees a comment coming from a big city sissy on your blog? Or maybe you think your going to fall over one of my widgets and find yourself with your face between my legs. What a bunch if insecure pussies, grow up you nobs.


  1. i hate when people visit all the time and NEVER comment. it is RUDE. and congrats on living in toluca lake (yay!) and being a fallen christian.

  2. blogging snobbery at it's best! It's so ridiculous, isn't it ..I mean, you know THEY know who you are ..but still, they don't leave a comment....I have a few snobbish ladies as well ...and finally, I just stopped checking out their blogs.

  3. drollgirl,

    If people don't comment because of my sexuality when otherwise they would, they need to grow up to be big girls and boys they are and leave the mental school yard, I mean come on!

    Your the first to congratulate me on those to things, thanks? ; )

  4. Maegan,

    I'll comment on a blog and see where it goes, if nothing, I don't go back. People and their fucked-up trips...


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