22 February 2009

Missing people

According the National Crime and Information Center, about 800.000 people disappear yearly (conservative number). From 2000 to 2008, over 6,400,000 Americans have vanished. And get this, only 3/4 are children. So where are the rest? It's impossible for there to be that many murders (most homicides are not reported as missings), suicides with no body, or natural disasters where the bodies are never recovered combined for the several thousands that seem to just fall off the face of the earth every single year. So where are they?
(((hiding under the covers)))


  1. It is freaky. What's left? People leaving their former lives to start new ones? People kidnapped and being held in basements? Mafia hits? Even then the numbers don't add up. When I say suicides I mean people who jump to their deaths in bodies of water without a suicide note.

  2. ...throw in white slavery and those who disappear in the witness protection program. Mob rats have gone on record saying many of their victims are never found because they grind them up in mob-owned butcher shops and meat factories, but still it's not enough to account for all the missing.

  3. It is perhaps a bit late to comment on this post, but I thought you might want to see this.
    I thought your numbers were a bit high - 800,000 per year! So I checked the FBI website.
    Although the 800,000 reported number is accurate, many of these cases are cleared, rescinded or otherwise resolved. The actual net number of people who remain missing is far, far lower.


    "During 2010, 692,944 missing person records were entered into NCIC, a decrease of 3.7 percent from the 719,558 records entered in 2009. Missing person records cleared or canceled during the same period totaled 703,316. Reasons for these removals include: a law enforcement agency located the subject; the individual returned home; or the record had to be removed by the entering agency due to a determination that the record was invalid."


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