11 February 2014

To my favorite evolutionist who's kinda a putz

As you can see this is my blog. I did copy and paste from this blog, my own blog. I think we now know who the epic fail goes to.

This is a case of a man who can't win an argument, so he tries to dig dirt. The reason why I posted the arguments from parts of my is because I'm lazy for one, what should I have done? Re-worded my points so they sound new? The second thing is the points I brought up have never been answered, even when posted on a comment board about a film singing the praises about the father of evolution (His explanation for the golden ratio of Phi for instance is it's a "coincidence").
I just got off with arguing with fundies about the bible on a different forum and I find the other extreme with these evolutionist shits. I don't know who's worse, the ones who believe the Bible with bad translations that tell them to hate others than themselves or the ones who can't take the idea they have someone greater than themselves they have to answer to and mock others who do.

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