29 December 2013

Duck Fall

This whole Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson (for brevity I will call Phil "Quakers" in this post) brouhaha put a schism between Russ and his family members, something I've been trying to do for years. It's Chick-fil-A all over again and this time it's the hompo haters acting uppity (even GLAAD said they got a ton of shit over calling Quakers out on his comments) getting the upper hand with making the A&E channel revoke Phil's suspension (the whole family threatened to walk if Quakers didn't come back and that probably was a factor with the network) and merchandise of the show that was taken off store shelves (namely "Cracker Barrel" who are no strangers to hompo hating) being put back with apologies from the stores who put profit above doing what's right.

Now Quakers has made what can be called racist comments in the GQ article that got him in hot water to begin with and now a video has surfaced where Quakers thinks girls should be married at 15. All of this will be of no relevance of course because most people won't want to rally around a racist and a pedo advocate so they'll sweep THOSE comments under the rug with selective blocking and only bring to the front what he says about gays.

Quakers is being defended by people who cry it's about free speech, but it's more than that, Quakers is being used as a stand against the acceptance of homosexuality in the hearts and minds of a greater society by those who have this hidden thread of fear and hatred of homosexuality that was really never taken off the back burner of America. No matter what gays believe, we will always, ALWAYS, be seen as a "other than us" to a straight society we live. All straights need is a focal point, someone or cause to hold up like a golden calf, who will justify their ugliness about homosexuality in a mob mentality, a mentality they feel they can get away with if enough people have it. What Quakers represents isn't about free speech or hypocritical Christian views, it's about a deep seeded dis-like for gay men and women when all the pretty talk of acceptance of us is done away with in the greater society.

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