29 August 2013

Inside joke Karina will get


  1. I remember when your name used to read
    "Mexican Shrimp Cock..." on VOX because "tail" was too long to fit in the screen.
    Good times, good times :)

  2. It was my first blog. Remember that girl who got married and divorced like a week later? You, me and her were tight. To bad about Hostess. Ukifune still talks to her.

  3. That Swedish fish girl? Yea she got married to her best friend and then left him for her Internet boyfriend that she passionately loved but sometimes he would ignore her for weeks. Hostess is pregnant.

  4. Yeah that one. Hostess is preggers?!! I wish she would talk to me. That was cool talking to you last night ;) What was all the commotion in the bakground?

  5. Yes, she is 6 months pregnant and it's gonna be a 75% Japanese 25% Caucasian little girl. I don't talk to hostess but I try to keep up with her blog, it's just that she has it on Tumblr and the ad-on, Disquss, she uses for commenting, gets on my nerves. why did you stop talking to each other anyway?

    My mom was looking for a phone number and she was being nosey about who I was talking to. We had just finished eating dinner, so that probably explains all the noise and shit. Also, the neighbors are pretty loud. I have this crackhead gringa and her half breed 14 year old daughter as neighbors. The just moved in a few months ago but they have the biggest physical fights and the old hag lets her multiple boyfriends beat up the girl. I've called the police on them several times but for some reason the kid never asks for help and she always ends up insulting the officers.

    Anyway, I sent you an email with my phone number. I gave it to you last night but somebody doesn't remember.

  6. I got pissy with hostess because for some reason she stopped talking to me on her blog, I took it personally. It never was the same between us and we just stopped talking to each other altogether after a while. A few months back I tried to reach out to her and got no response, that's fine.
    ouch, what neighbors.

    I do rememer now lol


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