01 June 2012

Trekking to Oblivion

Did you know William Shatner killed his wife? At least Russ believes it. Russ was the accountant for Shatner along with Nicholas Cage, Rebecca De Mornay and Johnnie Knoxville (he also worked accounting at Forrest Lawn and Nestle). Nerine, Shatners wife, would always call Russ drunk wondering why her credit cards were always denied. One day Shatner came home to find her face down in the pool like in the opening scene in "Sunset Blvd." Shatner was already paying alimony to a few wives and a divorce from Nerine would have shattered him financially, info only Russ was privy to.


  1. I always wondered about her death

  2. My ex Tres, the hulking dark chocolate six foot tall pair of walking sex in pants that he was, was a production manager for Time Warner when he was young and that was still a thing. He said the same thing oddly enough.

    Also that song makes me pine for the days when I could still rely on opening the door after work and seeing several chi ha ha's running around my spanish art decco house while the scent of bacalou wafted through the air.


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