11 October 2011


My sister's new kick are orange jello slices, scoop out the innards of real oranges and fill them back up with orange jello and PRESTO! Real orange on the outside and fake orange jello inside after they've been in the refrigerator all night. Donna has been making these things for the last few days and to her it's like she discovered a new planet when she found out about these. My sister makes food from the back of baking boxes and she always gets the proportions wrong. She'll make a rum cake that will give you a buzz and a 7 layer tostada dip (she only makes it 3 layers because she says the other 4 layers are too much of a hassle for her) with 2 of the layers ground beef. She loves ground beef and tries to stick it into everything like I do with mayo (did you know mayonnaise makes everything creamy and delicious from shrimp scampi to chili?). A few weeks ago she made baby cake pops for a girls pregnancy party and all the faces looked angry and scornful, she also thought the filling should have a rasberry liqueur, she gave a pregnancy party a hangover.


  1. Your sister sounds like the best person I never met

  2. otis rampaging heterosexualityThursday, October 20, 2011

    This blog is for faggots, bloody dirty pansy queer bastards.

  3. Did you have to put this on my sister's post? lol
    Oh otis, Congratulations, after all these years of having two blogs, this is the first hate comment I've gotten. I'll call you later you dad.

  4. otis rampaging, eres un hijo de puta.

    my brother said "fuck yourself with a rusty spoon" because he repeated something to me 3 times and i was too distracted laughing my ass off to this post.

    i have a friend like that too. she loves cooking but she always gets shit wrong. i remember this time she tried making california sushi rolls but instead of cream cheese she put chipotle mayo because she thought she had to put whatever creamy inside the roll, and we ended up eating rice pudding but instead of sweet milk and sugar it tasted like chilean hot dogs.

    (google chilean hot dogs, they're called "completo")

  5. I'm just glad she's out of her "Cupcake-On-A-Stick" phase(I'm not kidding).

  6. Why have I never had a cup cake on a stick? It's like god doesn't want me to be happy. Tell her I'll buy two dozen for five bucks if she promises to fedex them overnight.

  7. I don't want her to know I'm writing about her, you can dream can't you?

  8. I'm not a big fan of food on sticks unless it's ice pops or corn dogs.

    if she likes crafty foods tell her to make some kool-aid donuts.


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