23 January 2011

No No Nanette

I notice when other sites post a link to my blog (when I win bloggy awards or they really like a post they want others to read) I never get traffic according to my stat counter. It's like people say "No, No, No, I won't go over to his blog, I refuse to, he's an asshole boyfriend, but he's an asshole first. I might even catch something while I'm over there, I've had the mumps, so maybe I won't get that, but what about something else like a sick feeling I won't be able to shake off? I'm confused, should I follow the link over there? This time I draw the line! Who are you to tell me to go to his blog? If I wanted to see his blog I'd be following it instead of your blog that's about your ant problem and desire to travel. Now I resent you! I wonder if I'll follow even your blog now because your sicko association with him. ASSHOLE BOYFRIEND...what kind of name is that??? I didn't sign up for this for Christ's sake.


  1. Well, my readers are all assholes so you'd think they'd be drawn to your name.


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