02 January 2011

Bringing up babbling

My sister got me a few duck fat butters for Christmas. Because I can make deviled eggs and Japanese Yum Yum sauce she thinks I know what to do with duck fat butter. I don't recall ever saying; "I want duck fat butter for Christmas." Maybe I said it in my sleep and Russ told Donna I dream to get duck fat butter. I looked on line to find out what I could do with it and someone put it on popcorn because someone said to themselves; "I wonder how duck fat will taste on this?"

I got my niece this because she has two pet rabbits (they're scared shitless of her).

Russ and I exchanged personal gifts.

It was a cheapy Christmas, but it was spent with family and that object called Russ's mom I wish I could exchange at a store.

Ate too much of his own butter.


  1. That is a terrible picture, poor duck. I saw Jamie Oliver talking about how "brilliant" duck fat was on roasted potatoes. Once you get over the fact that it's made out of duck fat, it might be good!

  2. After making potatoes then what do I do with it? I'm fixated on it. I'm watching T.V. thinking; "When I got it, it was solid, now how did it liquify sitting in my kitchen?" And "I wonder if I can live off of it in case of an earthquake?"

  3. duck butter!? wow! i bet it is rich and delishhhious!

  4. I'm using it to oil my rowing machine.


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