30 January 2011

Blood latkes

Burbank used to have a Jewish/Chinese Deli named "Chow's Kosherama" (they had the best lox and Peking duck) that was written about in a novel called "Indecent Exposure: A True Story of Hollywood and Wall Street" by David McClintick. It closed years ago and left me with an aching hole in the wrong kinda place, but my itch was scratched when The Gorbals plooped into my hungry world with chicken skin sandwiches and Kosher couscous pudding with bacon brittle.

Bacon wrapped matzo balls at The Gorbals .


  1. I never thought I would be grossed out with something that has bacon but there it is.

  2. Chow's used to have these extra oily lox that I haven't had since, can you say Heaven? That you don't believe in.

  3. bacon kosher. so wrong, yet so right.

  4. If you drain all the blood from the pig, I don't see what the problem is.


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