29 December 2010

blank stare

Since I don't have any New Year's resolutions (I have no plans to "live life to the fullest" or lose weight) I'll just post other peoples New Years resolution's from their blogs I've come across cruising the net and make them my own:

1. Be your OWN conversation filter.

2. Investigate Ayurvedic eating.

3. Stop being a "Bossy Beak" when Hushbum comes home.

4. Get Married.

5. Be whimsical even though you really don't know what that means.

6. I will do one impossible task each month, for example matching Robert Scoble’s number of Twitter Followers.

7. This year I am going to share my good fortune and host a charity benefit for homeless animals.

8. Drink More Loire.

9. Repent.

10. Install a clothsline.

*This post is tongue in cheek, So I don't want to hear how Ayurvedic eating will cure my night terrors or what problem I have with Robert Scoble.


  1. Who the fuck is Robert Scoble??
    My resolution is to finally realize my dream of owning a pair of puppy skin fur boots in every color of the rainbow

  2. How am I suppose to know who Robert Scoble is? Whoever he is someone is making it their life mission to keep up with him.

    That's what I love about you, you aim for the stars.

  3. Not the stars love, the small furry aminals who aren't fast enough to get the hell out from under my tires.


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