10 November 2010

twisted sistas

Yesterday was my sisters birthday. Russ got her an ice cream cake (butter pecan) from 31 Flavors and shoved it in the freezer even though I told him it wouldn't fit and a Summer hat so she could stick on her "I ran into my ex, and then I put it in reverse and ran over him again" button (she clearly still has divorce issues). I got her an MP3 player and a half brothers (different dads) love. He made reservations at the Tam O' Shanter, but Donna insisted on Bob's Big Boy.

Frank is mad at Russ and me now, did I tell you the Police came and ransacked his home? They where just suppose to check if he was rotting in his bathtub with an old "The Woman Of Ebony" magazine by his side. We didn't even call the Police, someone else did.


  1. NO WAY! LOL!!!!!!!

  2. We always seem to have neighbor issues, maybe it's us...nah, it's everybody else.


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