15 November 2010

Tea and Ceremony

Bloggers come and leave. Words crash into the mindset of strangers because a few little words someone offers in cyberspace someone else picks up and, if you're lucky, they come back for more.

One follower I had on my first blog was a smoken' hot half Japanese girl who worked in a Hostess Club. She never gave her real name and her face she always hid behind hair, blurs, shadows, a cat named Sam, and anything else that wasn't nailed down. I'd come back after my late night run and read her blog at 2 in the morning. Workaholic Hostess was always a constant; a late night experience like an all night food cart serving my favorite thick noodles under beef tendon. She was the first blog follower that Russ my partner wrote to in a very personal way. Over the years we touched each others blogs off and on, I could have let her go and blamed it on the blog shuffle, but I won't. She's now a graduate student studying in Osaka and I saw that face I've been waiting to see; her long nights of listening to strange familiar men are over.

Where my Hostess goes I'll follow, I'll miss her face if I don't because, after all, she's the only girl who makes my night.


  1. Oh man, Mexicock, you're making me cry!!!! thanks, you. you might be the only blog I still follow after all that vox shuffle. weird how that works out.

    you're part of my iPod googlereader commute on my way to school now!

  2. Your sweet for linking me, but I have a feeling your tumblr followers are going to feel the same way your vox followers felt about me, someplace between dis-like and venomous. Is G still following your blog?

  3. So even gay guys prefer hot asian chicks? Damn. I give up


  4. I've known Hostess about 4 years, don't tell her this, but there's a genuine love for her. By the way Russ and I have talked about you over dinner, stick with me baby, and you'll get a post of your own.


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