02 November 2010

pole, not poll

I've posted how I feel about voting since Prop 22 many moons ago, and later Prop 8 when I gave it another try, so this poll is more enlightening today.


  1. Did I tell you prop 8 nearly completed ended a couple friendships I had? Well it did. I didn't cut them out completely but I sure don't associate that much with them anymore

  2. At the time of Prop 8 two guys started a website listing the names and organizations that contributed to the Proposition. People went ape shit because friends and family would go up to these people and say "how could you contribute to that?" and organizations suffered a financial backlash. The irony is these people who said "let the people decide" on gay marriage then turn around and bitch because their contributions where made public BECAUSE of a voter approved proposition that said "let the people decide" if private contributions should be made public. Also if they believe they took the high road with voting against gay marriage, why are they ashamed that it be made public?

  3. Because they look like (are) bigots. And judgmental holier than thou assholes who like to preach morals before and after they try to get you to sleep with them even though you're both married.


    And gay people getting married would ruin the sanctity of straight marriage. Because cheating on your spouse doesn't do that alone.

    I didn't hear anything about that website. I only saw people getting harassed if they were for gay marriage not against.

  4. This is an interesting read:
    The lawsuit failed by the way. Charles LiMandri who filed it is an ambulance chaser who even went as far as taking up the case of several San Diego firefighters who filed a lawsuit because the were "traumatized," had nightly nightmares, and suffered in their personal relationships when they marched in a gay pride parade and the sissys on the sidelines shouted "Show us your fire hose!" ROLF

  5. Just the picture of these big burly firemen waking up in a cold sweat because they keep on seeing the spinning faces of nelly men saying over and over "Show us your fire hose!" leaves me on the floor laughing.

  6. Please tell me the judge laughed in those fireflamer's faces. Please.

  7. Are you sitting down? They won the case. They got money, but not the millions they were trying to get.


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