09 November 2010

my buddy

I was on a restaurant review forum of all places and a girl wrote this:

I want my own fun gay friend!!!!!

I have been watching reruns of Will & Grace...... I want my Will or Jack.... I never have met a nice fun gay guy.... The few and I mean very few (2) that I have actually met have been very grumpy and moody... Not cool.... I want a Jack or Will !!!!!

I wrote her back:

I'll be your gay pet. You can call me at all hours of the night and you can drone on about how your boyfriend doesn't understand you and I'll come over and whip you up beignets and flavored coffee and talk til the morning when we'll hit the farmers market, I'll have flippy hand gestures where you don't know if I'm gay or an upset Italian, we can swirl up each other's hair and I'll have a high pitched voice where people won't be able to tell us apart on the phone. I'll even help you pick out outfits because you're too stupid with how to dress yourself.

It's just a T.V. series with homosexual stereotypes you dumb broad.

I guess I was the grumpy type of homosexual she was talking about...


  1. She never responded and I cried for an hour in my doubled-over snuggie and ate a pint of pistachio ice cream to calm my gay nerves.

  2. LOL! It was going so good right up until the end!


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