22 September 2010


My sister took me here. I had a Balsamic Vinegar/Strawberry cupcake. My eyes dilated like I had a hit of crank with what was the best thing I ever tasted in my life. If an angel took a dump, these are what they would taste like. Other flavors I want to try next time I go (like in about an 43 seconds):

Turkey Cranberry
Turkey gravy cupcake filled with a fresh cranberry relish and frosted with an cranberry cream cheese

Spicy Chocolate Bacon
Chocolate cupcake and buttercream with cayenne pepper to give it some heat, topped with crumbled bacon that has been slow baked in lots of brown sugar and a dash more pepper.

Lemon Mediterranean
Lemon cupcake with olive oil and sea salt frosted with a lemon and olive oil buttercream, topped with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Grasshopper Pie
Chocolate/crème de menthe/crème de cacao cupcake filled with whipped cream, frosted with a mint buttercream, sprinkled with oreo cookie crumbs.

Arnold Palmer
Iced black tea and lemonade cupcake frosted with iced black tea and lemonade buttercream.


  1. WTF these are like serious PMS foods!

  2. I could inhale 10 of these in one sitting.


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