22 September 2010

AB in the AC

So this broad leaves me this message in my blog catalog comments section saying my blog is "interesting," but my blog name is mis-leading because I call it ASSHOLE BOYFRIEND. Let me see, I'm an asshole (just ask my blog followers) and I'm a boyfriend (Just ask Russ who gives me all kind of shit because of the contents of my blog that makes me look like an asshole). What did she want? A guy talking about how he's always treating his girlfriend like shit? What kind of fucked-up blog would that be if after every other post you feel like you should call the police on the guy because of the abuse he's posting about? And what do you mean by "interesting?" A two headed rat with one head trying to bite the other is interesting, so what does that make my blog?

Blog Catalog gives me 3 stars out of a possable 5, but looking at other blogs, they give 5 stars to a blog called "LD's Lesbian PCOS Pregnancy Page" and a guy who hates milk ("No Milk Please") that went off line last year. One blog is called "Bakla AKo, May Reklamo?" and even it has one star more than me.


  1. That IS interesting.
    You being an asshole not withstanding.
    My fav entries are the russ the pagan cow head entries.

  2. What's funny is that she posted on someone else's blog about what great versatility it has, I run the gamut man.

  3. what's with this weird woman going around critiquing everyone's blogs!?

  4. At least I'm not on here.


  5. My dad always called my ex-boyfriend's Hawaiian shirt with plaid shorts combo (what? they were the same color scheme! Ask him!) "Interesting".

    I hate fish. I'm going to start a blog on how much I hate fish. Thanks for the idea.

    What is this blog catalog? Did you ask to be rated? Please don't send them to me!

  6. Most blogs are about one specific thing (Baklava, personal commentary, etsy, porn), but mine runs all over the place, and that's harder to do because you have to keep it all entertaining if you want people to come back.

    Blog catalog is a service you sign up for, it's like it says, a catalog of blogs, but people can also rate and comment on it. I have 4 out of 5 stars in "BEST MALE BLOGS," and that's hard to get over there.

  7. I just gave your blog a rating at Blog Catalog. I hope it helps with the pain. :)

  8. I'm such a whore for this blog, much appreciated. Now off I go to turn tricks or my blog will smack me up for being a lousy whore, he's so good to me.


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