07 June 2010


Bay Rum Aftershave

■4 Ounces Vodka
■2 Tablespoons Jamaican Rum
■2 Dried Bay Leaves (Don’t use the bay leaf they sell at the grocery store. While it’s good for soups, it’s not good for bay rum. Make sure to use Pimenta racemosa, sometimes available at natural food stores)
■1/4 Teaspoon Allspice
■1 Stick of Cinnamon, broken in pieces
■Fresh Zest from a Small Orange

Combine all ingredients in a container such as a bottle or mason jar with a tightly fitting lid. Put the closed container in a dark, cool place (not in the refrigerator) for two weeks. This allows the alcohol to extract the essential oils from the bay leaves. After two weeks, strain the mixture through several layers of coffee filters. If necessary, repeat until no residue remains. Put in a nice bottle and splash on face after shaving.


  1. At first i thought this was going to be something i could drink, and got excited.
    For obvious reasons i would have no reason to make this, but loving the DIY. I've been meaning to try some homemade face crap for my regrettably aging skin . *tear* Plus the less money given to beauty corporations the better methinks.

  2. Alcohol dries the skin, so this concoction dries you inside and out. Go for it.


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