07 May 2010

nut cracker

Google is celebrating Tchaikovsky's birthday with it's header. I'm telling you he was a homosexual because you wouldn't know if I didn't. Sometimes I wonder what contributions homosexuals have given to society that got lost in the shuffle over time or were blotted out on purpose. I know we didn't invent Beanie Babies and crockpots, I'm pretty sure we invented elegant white slacks and the color mauve.


  1. I love the way people move when they play the violin

  2. AAAAAGGGH! I just wrote my comment, clicked "post", and up comes "oops! cannot find blogger.com" !!!! Grrr. This always fucking happens to me on blogger!
    Sigh. ANYWAY. As i already said, but have to say again: i never realised he was gay- i learn something new every day!
    Also thankyou for the colour mauve! I was wondering who invented that. But you can keep your white pants! They make my ass look twice as big as it really is. Well, not really, because I've never worn them, but they do make other peoples asses look huge, so i avoid them.
    Hope your having a fantabulous weekend!

  3. CA,

    I know it sounds far out, but we come from a great tribe, that's the way I see it.


    Ever see a classic old actress like Katharine Hepburn in white slacks? Nice.

  4. Well she would look great in anything methinks. But Katherine hepburns ass and mine are two very different creatures :(

  5. You have your own classy style baby.


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